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What is Spermiogram Test?

Sperm test is an examination process for the evaluation of reproductive potential in men. Infertility may occur in couples who want to bring children into the world. Infertility problem can be seen in one out of every 7 couples in the world. In our country, an average of 100 thousand couples are faced with the problem of infertility every year.

In men, semen in the ejaculation process is formed by different glands. Semen contains sperm. Sperm with heads and tails and millions of motile cells are considered reproductive cells. When the sperm enter the uterus in women, they move towards the maturing eggs and unite.

This is the first part of the reproductive process. There are lubricants and enzymes that facilitate movement in sperm. These enzymes also aid in fertilization. In the sperm test, the quantity and quality of all liquids are checked.

If a successful pregnancy cannot occur in couples who want to have a child, the physician first listens to the couple’s story and then performs a physical examination. A spermiogram is also performed during the examination. The application time is determined by the doctor according to the patient’s time. For those who have a sperm test, the causes of infertility can be determined.

Who Is Sperm Test Suitable For?

Sperm test

Before the sperm test can be applied, the patient’s history is first listened to. Physicians primarily perform a physical examination. In case of suspicion that there is a reproductive problem, a sperm test is requested from the man.

The spermiograph test can also be done to clarify the diagnosis of infertility or to find the reason that prevents reproduction. This test may also be requested when couples apply to a hospital for IVF.

It is done for patients with undescended testicle, varicocele. It is also requested in treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. A spermiogram may also be requested to see the patient’s reproductive potential. It can be applied to diabetics, thyroid problems and hypertension patients. Reproductive problems can be detected in these patients.

How is the Test Done?

Sperm testing is also known as semen analysis. Before this procedure is performed, the physician first conducts examinations for the couple. First of all, the sexually transmitted diseases of the couple are examined. Other health problems are then examined.

In women, the ovulation cycle is looked at. Thus, the most accurate breeding date can be determined.In this process, sperm testing may also be requested. The man who will have a spermiogram test needs to practice sexual abstinence for 3-5 days. During the test, the man is taken to a room.

The man is asked to put his semen in a sterile container. The sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis. In some cases, the test may be repeated in the future. The sperm sample is analyzed in the laboratory. Modern techniques and state-of-the-art devices are used.

In order for the test results to be reliable, it is important that the sample is taken in the hospital. Some patients may have problems giving samples at the hospital. In this case, patients can bring the semen themselves. But they must keep the sample at body temperature. It should also arrive, for example, at the hospital within 45-60 minutes.

Masturbation should be done in order to give a sperm sample in the hospital. Some patients may not be able to do this. For this reason, men are asked to have sexual intercourse with specially developed condoms. Samples taken after intercourse should be kept at body temperature within 60 minutes.

How Sperm Test Results Should Be?

The amount and other characteristics of the sample taken are important for sperm test results. The semen taken from the man in the hospital environment should be between 2-6 ml. In the semen taken at a lower rate, reproductive evaluation cannot be made depending on the state of sperm deficiency. If it is more, the amount of sperm will be less compared to the liquid.

In order for the test results to be reliable, the semen sample must have a thick consistency. The dense consistency starts to liquefy after an average of 20 minutes. If there is no liquefaction, the sperm is motile. Therefore, egg fusion can be prevented.

The sperm count in the sample taken should be over 15 million per milliliter. In addition, the pH ratio should be measured between 7.2-8.0. When evaluating test results, a result of 0 indicates inactivity. A value of 4 indicates mobility.

While evaluating the results of the spermiogram, its shape, size and appearance are evaluated. The sperm sample must be undamaged in all respects and suitable for reproduction. In the evaluation, the number of badly shaped sperm should be less than 85%.

What Should Be Considered While Giving Test?

Spermiogram nedir? Sperm testi nasıl yapılır? | Hamilelik

When looking at the results of the sperm test, giving the sperm sample incorrectly affects the reliability. Things to consider when giving a sperm test are as follows;

  • The patient should have completely urinated before giving the sample.
  • There should be no external contact inside the container. This condition of the sterile container should be maintained.
  • Products such as gel, soap or lubricant should not be used while masturbating. These products may adversely affect the structure of sperm cells and the amount of viable sperm.
  • The entire sample taken should be left in the container. For accurate results, this part should be left in the container as there is more sperm in the first part.
  • Patients who cannot give an example in the hospital environment should notify the physicians of this situation. Thus, the method for the sampling process to be made is determined.

What Diagnoses Are Made After Sperm Test?

After the sperm test, the doctor will make some diagnoses according to the results obtained. Diagnoses that can be made after this test are as follows;

1.Azospermia: It is the diagnosis stating that there is no sperm in the sample taken, that is, there is no sperm.

2. Asthenospermia: It is the diagnosis made when the sperm motility in the sample taken is lower than it should be.

3.teratospermia: It is the diagnosis made when the sperms are healthy in terms of shape but in small amounts.

4.Normospermia: In this case, the sperm cells are alive, healthy and have sufficient mobility.

5.Oligospermia: It is a condition that shows that the sperm count is low in the semen sample taken.

6.Oligoasthenospermia: It is a diagnosis showing that sperm motility and sperm count are lower than they should be in the sample taken.

Sperm Test Prices

The price of the sperm test is different everywhere. You can learn the test prices from the hospitals where this procedure is performed. You can get the sperm test price information on the phone.


1. In which section is the sperm test done?

In order to have a sperm test, you must first apply to the Urology department. This test is performed and evaluated in the Andrology department. In addition, this test can be performed in centers that perform IVF treatment

2. Is the Sperm Test Performed in the State Hospital?

Sperm testing is done in public hospitals. In order to have this test done in state hospitals, you must first make an appointment with the Urology department. However, there should be a laboratory in the state hospital that can evaluate this practice. Therefore, it is a test that cannot be performed in every public hospital. If it cannot be done at the hospital you go to, they can refer you to a suitable hospital.

3. How Many Days of Sexual Abstinence Should Be Performed for Sperm Test?

Before the sperm test, the patient must abstain from sexual intercourse. Experts want you to take a break from sexual intercourse for 3-5 days before the test. Before having the sperm test, your doctor will tell you how many days you should abstain from sex. In this case, it would be right to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

4. When Will the Sperm Test Result Be Released?

The result of the sperm test will come out 24 hours after it is done. So you can learn the result of the test the next day. After learning the results of the sperm test, your doctor may ask you to have two tests between 4-8 weeks.

5. Is the test done on an empty stomach?

You do not need to go on an empty stomach for a sperm test. It is only recommended that you do not smoke before the test is done. Smoking can affect test results. If you are going in the morning, you can go to have a sperm test after breakfast.

6. Sperm Test Forward Rapid Mobility What Should Be?

The World Health Organization has removed the distinction between speed or slowness of sperm movement. In the sperm test, it is sufficient to move only forward. In the results of the sperm test, at least 32% of the sperm should move forward. If the desired mobility is not achieved, the doctor may request a repeat of the test.

7. Can a test be wrong?

Sperm test results may be wrong. The semen should be delivered more than 1 hour later. When there is an external intervention in the semen Kabaaba, its sterility is lost. For example, it cannot be kept at body temperature. In order for the results to be correct, the patient needs to give a sample at the hospital. It is also important for the patient to follow the doctor’s recommendations.

8. Does Alcohol Use Affect Sperm Test Results?

We stated that smoking affects sperm test results. In addition to smoking, alcohol use also affects the quality of sperm, which is the male reproductive cell. Alcohol use is a condition that negatively affects sperm production. Therefore, you should take a break from alcohol and cigarette consumption for a while before having a sperm test. Thus, the probability of getting accurate results is higher.

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