1 Year Syndrome


1 Year Syndrome

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What is 1 Year Syndrome?

The 1 year syndrome is the commanding behavior of completing the first year of education in a controlled manner as an egocentric movement. Children who were calm until a time suddenly turn into a moody mood and you start to show more angry. In this case, you will not live to 1 year old.

 This is in the innate 1 year old anger. Adolescence for all babies, children, the elderly are a very natural person to like. Parents can be used in their babies, which is true in this sense. The 1-year-old syndrome can be purchased as a period of increase in an inventory catalog.

What are the Symptoms of 1 Year Syndrome?

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1-year-old syndrome in infants is a period seen in every baby. During this period, many behavioral changes may occur in babies.

The symptoms that will occur during this period can be listed as follows;

• Egocentrism: It is the baby’s thinking that all the events in the world are happening around him. In this process, which is also seen as an egocentric attitude, there is a desire for parents to have all their attention and attention on babies. As soon as the parents are interested in a different place, the baby gets cranky.

Selfish Behaviors: Babies consciously display selfish behaviors during this period. They do not share their toys, especially with babies their age. In addition, they exhibit behaviors not to share their food, belongings, and mother and father with anyone.

Jealous Behavior: Babies show jealousy behaviors during this period. Interest in other children is among the biggest jealousy issues. They are especially uncomfortable when parents show interest in another child. They may also be jealous of the attention parents show to each other.

Stubbornness: One of the most tiring and obvious symptoms in babies during this period is stubbornness. 1 year old baby stubbornness can get parents mad. In this period, they usually have a tendency to do the opposite of what their parents say.

Attempting to Fulfill Your Desire: It is a symptom that can be characterized as another version of stubborn behavior. They may cry persistently for a situation they want to be done, and they may make movements that will tear themselves apart and try to attract attention.

Frequency of Objection: In this period, babies always try to do their own thing. No matter what happens, she constantly objects to her parents and tends to say “No” to anything asked of her.

What are the Causes of 1 Year Syndrome?

An age syndrome can occur due to many reasons. Since this period can be considered as a normal period in babies, it would be right for the development of the baby to focus on how to behave rather than the reasons.

The reasons for this situation can be listed as follows;

Desire for Independence: From the age of 1, babies begin to exhibit behaviors for independent action. Just during this period, babies want to move independently from their surroundings, as their ability to crawl and walk develops. In this period, the situations that prevent the baby from moving on his own will disturb him.

Willingness to Know the Environment: After the age of 1, babies carry out an intense activity to get to know the environment. They constantly observe and research their surroundings. They want to get to know all the elements they are curious about by providing immediate access. If babies cannot act as they want during this period, their anger levels will increase.

Egocentric Understanding: Babies see themselves as the center of the world starting from the age of 1. This situation, which is described as egocentrism, causes the baby to think that every event is around him. Therefore, they show a reaction against all behaviors that are not related to them.

Diagnosis of 1 Year Syndrome

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Diagnosis of an age syndrome in infants can also be understood by parents. If the baby’s unexpected anger behaviors and moodiness have increased during this period, an age syndrome may have emerged.

When parents go to the doctor because their babies are irritable, they are usually examined to see if there is a different ailment. After the examination and tests, if there is no diagnosis that will cause the baby to behave irritably, it can be understood that he is in the 1 year old syndrome together with other symptoms.

1 Age Syndrome Treatment

1-year-old syndrome should be considered as a part of the development process rather than a problem. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to talk about the situations that parents should pay attention to and realize for the healthy development of the baby, instead of treatment;

  • Parents should observe the factors that cause the baby to experience anger during this period. Measures can be taken by determining the situations and time periods when the baby is angry.
  • Babies do not want their routines to be disrupted during this period. Therefore, routines that are important to him, such as bedtime and mealtime, should not be disrupted. Doing unpredictable activities may force the baby during this period.
  • Babies need to release their energy. For this reason, it can be ensured that he gets rid of his excess energy by encouraging him to run and play for a certain period of time during the day. Babies who cannot throw their energy out will have more moodiness.
  • Babies in a one-year-old syndrome usually tend to refuse. That’s why parents shouldn’t get into a power struggle with the baby. In some cases, babies who have the chance to choose can survive the process more healthily.
  • One of the biggest mistakes parents make is to become irritable when babies act aggressively. At these moments, if the parents remain calm and think that it is a temporary period, the process will pass more comfortably.
  • When the baby has a tantrum, doing whatever he wants and giving him what he wants can reinforce these behaviors. In this case, babies may exhibit tantrums to get whatever they want.
  • Parents should take care of the baby adequately during these periods. The egocentric nature and the desire for socialization create the baby’s desire for special attention at certain times. Babies who are not taken care of sufficiently will try to attract attention by exhibiting aggressive behaviors.

What Happens Syndrome Is Not Treated?

Since the 1-year-old syndrome is perceived as a developmental period, instead of not being treated, it should be mentioned what will happen if the parents exhibit wrong behaviors. If the parents do whatever the children want during this period, the anger behavior in children may become a habit and children may exhibit these behaviors in the future.

If there are parents who do not take care of their babies enough during this period, babies will display angry behaviors to attract attention during this period. It’s natural for babies to have tantrums. During this period, the responsibility of the parents is to be able to manage the process as it should be by acting correctly and consistently. Otherwise, anger behavior may become permanent in children or development may be adversely affected in other aspects.

What is Good for 1 Year Syndrome?

While infants experience the 1-year-old syndrome, getting through this process with the least amount of problems depends entirely on the behavior of the parents. If the parents support their babies in this process, the process will be over quickly;

  • The more people talk to the baby during the period, the calmer the baby will behave.
  • Babies like to be answered during this period. When the sounds they make are repeated, he will think that the people around him are communicating with him and he will relax.
  • During this period, the calming effect of music can be used. Playing and singing calming music can be helpful.
  • During this period, bodily contact makes the baby feel safe.
  • When the baby is awake and does not exhibit angry behaviors, he/she thinks that he/she is cared for when the game is played.


1. Is 1 Year Syndrome Permanent?

An age syndrome is a temporary condition. During this period, parents may have difficulties due to their babies’ negative behaviors. However, if they are patient and approach their babies in the right way, an age syndrome will pass. It would be wrong to think of it as a permanent condition. During the period, the stubborn behavior of children should be patient and ignored.

2. When Does 1 Year Syndrome End?

1-year-old syndrome occurs when babies approach 1 year of age and can continue until 1.5 years old. After this period, a decrease in complaints is observed. However, it can be said that it will continue until the age of 3, since the symptoms of the 2-year-old syndrome appear.

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