15 Months Baby Development


15 Months Baby Development

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We will talk about 15 Months Baby Development. During the 15 month baby development period, the fine motor and gross motor design continue to develop very extensively. Coming and going also continues to progress rapidly and is extremely fast by continuing with language.

15 Months Baby Development Chart

For 15 months of education, it continues at an early age and in a sensory way.

 15 months baby development height weight head circumference is as follows;

  • 15-Month-Old Baby Weight: The average weight of 15-month-old girls is 9600 grams. For men, it is 10 kilograms, according to the average values ​​around the world. A 15-month-old baby weighs a little more.
  • Average Height at 15 Months: According to the average values ​​determined by World Health, it has been shown as 77 cm from the top and 79 cm for girls of 15 years.
  • Head Circumference at 15 Months: At 15 months, the head circumference will be 46.1 cm on average in girls, and it will be 4.2 cm.
  • The 15-month-old baby height and weight table has been given by World Health, according to daily average values.

Sensory Development in 15-Month-Old Babies

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During the development of a 15-month-old child, the senses also develop very quickly. During this period, all of the baby’s senses have developed greatly.

The sensory development of a 15-month-old baby is as follows;

Vision in 15-Month-Old Babies: Babies cannot focus their attention on other objects yet. Any object that enters his field of vision can attract his attention. Parents can guide the baby in using his senses towards a specific goal at 15 months old. He will look at the baby curiously at the point shown.

Hearing in 15-Month-Old Babies: It will be difficult for a 15-month-old baby to be directed to a single sound. Therefore, the child’s attention can be drawn by imitating the sounds of nature. Music for these weeks is helpful for the child to learn to listen carefully. Classical music, children’s music and all kinds of music can be played. The baby can support his hearing by making the sound himself with toys such as drums and pots.

• Taste in 15 Month-old Babies: Taste is the first sensory skill used in babies. At 15 months, children tend to taste things they can’t usually eat. They begin to recognize objects by putting them in their mouths. Children may not be very keen on food.

• Touch in 15-Month-Old Babies: Children try to explore their surroundings by using their sense of touch. Parents can be a guide for babies to experience different senses in this process. The baby can be supported to recognize new objects and everything around them by touch.

Smell in 15-Month-Old Babies: The sense of smell in 15-month-old babies has not yet reached a sufficient level of development. During this period, parents can help them use their sense of smell by smelling their newly washed laundry, fruits or flowers at home.

Mental and Social Development of 15 Month Old Babies

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Fifteen-month-old baby development takes place quickly. Language development in infants is in the form of understanding sentences formed with simple and few words. They can understand sentences that ask for something of themselves. 15-month-old babies can play by imitating their surroundings. It can be witnessed from their family that they play games such as sweeping the floor and filling the glass with water. Can use a few simple words and know the meanings of the words used.

Problem solving skills are also developing rapidly in 15-month-old babies. Babies can perform simple tasks such as a few piece puzzles. They can easily distinguish parts of simple shapes consisting of 2-3 parts.

 15 months baby developmentis socially fast besides height and weight. The social development of the 15-month-old baby also excites the parents. Babies can try to feed the doll herself. He can also show areas of his body using his finger.

15-month-old babies may want to have new experiences. It can also express satisfaction and discomfort in a situation. From this period, he can start to follow simple rules. He can also play games with his mother and father at home.

In this period, the sense of being social in children does not develop enough. However, parents can lay the foundations for socialization by using these months correctly. Joining playgroups can be very helpful. Usually, when he is uncomfortable, he may cry immediately and signal his discomfort with his hand.

What Does a 15 Month Old Baby Do?

15-month-old babies are in a rapid period of development in all aspects. 15-month-old babies are now good at communicating. They can also be considered to have taken an important step in performing gross and fine motor skills;

  • A 15-month-old baby first imitates his parents and then what he sees around him.
  • The baby’s main focus of play during this period is to imitate his parents.
  • As object and concept continuity develops, they can now distinguish that a hidden toy will not disappear.
  • Can understand and carry out simple commands from the environment.
  • Babies can be very stubborn during this period and may say “no” to everything that is said.
  • Babies know their body parts at 15 months and can show them when told.
  • May laugh, laugh, cry, scream and perform other unexpected behaviors for attention. During this period, he always wants the attention to be on himself.
  • The baby may still not be able to control his emotions during this month.
  • Can easily drink water from a small glass alone.
  • He can draw straight lines when he takes a pencil in his hand.
  • They can easily reach places they could not reach before by climbing because they are starting to get active.

In this period, the sense of being social in children does not develop enough. However, parents can lay the foundations for socialization by using these months correctly. Joining playgroups can be very helpful. Usually, when he is uncomfortable, he may cry immediately and signal his discomfort with his hand.

How Should The 15-Month-Old Baby’s Sleep Pattern Be?

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15-month-old baby sleep patterns are important. In this period, babies can sleep 1 hour of sleep or two hours of sleep per day. Babies wake up between 07.30 and 08:00 in the morning during this period. Afternoon nap between 13.00-15.00 will be ideal. He can go to sleep at night around 20.30-21.00.

A 15-month-old baby can sleep up to 14 hours a day, day and night. The time the baby stays awake during this period should be 5-6 hours in total. 15 months baby development

During this period, babies can sleep uninterruptedly until morning. They may also fall asleep on their own when they wake up. Babies get up and look for their parents during this period.

Room temperature should be between 20-22 degrees Celsius for quality sleep in 15-month-old babies. If the room is too hot or cold, it may disturb the baby. During this period, babies should be quiet and dark in their rooms as they are easily affected by sound and light.

15 Months Baby Vaccination Schedule

There is no vaccine that should be included in the immunization schedule of a 15-month-old baby. This is a period of time with a gap in the baby’s immunization schedule for several months.

Tips to Support the Development of a 15-Month-Old Baby

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There are many things that can be done to support the  15 months baby development. During this period, children like to imitate and help their environment. Everything done during this period will support the multi-faceted development of the baby.

The things that can be done for the development of a 15-month-old baby are as follows;

  • Since babies like to imitate very much during this period, their parents can imitate and repeat their imitations. It can also be supported to imitate surrounding sounds.
  • Babies try to get to know themselves during this period. Parents can continue to teach 15-month-old babies about their limbs. Being able to show their limbs is a lot of fun for babies.
  • During an activity, the baby will want to help his parents. He can do small jobs. For example, changing the channel on TV, carrying a small glass while preparing the table or carrying his belongings while getting dressed will make him happy.
  • Babies love to be read during this period. Parents can read to babies. He will also love to rummage through his books. Having his books on a shelf that he can reach and being able to reach them whenever he wants can enable him to examine the book by turning the pages.
  • Audiobooks with themes such as farm animals, fruits, vegetables attract attention. Especially with audiobooks featuring animals, they can begin to imitate the sounds of animals.
  • 15-month-old baby can gain problem solving skills by playing intelligence games. Simple intelligence games will be very advantageous for the intelligence development of babies.


1. How Should 15 Months-Old Baby’s Toys Be?

1 15 months baby development love to explore the environment, learn details and get new experiences. Toys that will offer him new experiences should be chosen. 15-month-old baby toys can be wooden toys that collide with a hammer, objects that break into pieces, rhythm toys that make different sounds percussion, coloring books, types of eraser markers, educational toys with animals, numbers, fruits and letters on them. The choice of toys for a 15-month-old baby should be supportive of physical activity.

2. How to Support 15-Month-Old Baby Development?

The development of a 15-month-old baby can be supported by giving him experiences and allowing him to discover new things. Babies can understand simple words during this period. He can be made to follow simple commands or imitate his parents. During this period, he can play with simple toys such as lego that will improve his fine motor skills. He can try to keep the rhythm by hitting different objects with his parents.

3. How Much Should a 15 Month Old Baby Eat?

15-month-old babies can start consuming all fruits, vegetables and legumes. Cow’s milk and some types of cheese should be careful because its digestion is not fully developed. During this period, babies can be fed a total of 6 meals, including 3 main meals and 3 snacks.

4. What Does a 15 Month Old Baby Do?

Gross motor skills continue to develop rapidly along with fine motor skills of 15-month-old babies. Language development and cognitive development of the baby is also rapid during this period. During this period, babies try to learn more by imitating life. Babies try to get to know the world by imitating the roles of their parents. Also, because he is curious, he may want to touch every object around him.

5. How Much Weight Should a 15-Month-Old Baby Have?

The average weight of a 15-month-old baby can vary between 7.7 kilos and 12.7 kilos. This weight value differs for baby girls and boys. An average of 9.5 kg for girls and 10 kg for boys is considered normal.

6. How Many Hours Does a 15 Month Old Baby Sleep?

A 15-month-old baby sleeps an average of 10-12 hours a day. Babies are more active socially and physically during this period. Therefore, they need more sleep. Sleep duration should increase to 13-14 hours with daytime sleep. During this period, babies should sleep for 2-3 hours during the day.

7. How to Lower the Fever of a 15 Month Old Baby?

Reducing the fever of a 15-month-old baby is one of the most curious subjects of parents. First of all, children with fever should be provided with plenty of fluids. Joints, armpits and neck can be cooled with cloths moistened with warm water. He also needs to wear thin clothes. It will be wrong to wear thick clothes. Antipyretic syrup can be used. The baby can take a shower with warm water.

8. What to Teach a 15-Month-Old Baby?

Among the 15-month-old baby activities, he focuses more on getting to know the environment and having new experiences. Children can follow simple commands this week. Something can be asked of him. He can also understand what simple phrases mean. 15-month-old baby activities can be planned individually as well as group activities for socialization.

9. How Many Hours Should a 15 Month Old Baby Sleep?

Sleep patterns of a 15-month-old baby are very important. Babies are more active physically and socially during this period. Therefore, it would be correct to sleep for a total of 13-14 hours a day. Babies should sleep 11-12 hours at night and 2-3 hours during the day.

10. How to Tell if a 15-Month-Old Baby Is Intelligent?

The 15-month-old baby’s intelligence development continues rapidly. During this period, it is necessary to observe the babies. So you can tell that they are intelligent. Intelligent babies can solve problems during this period. He is also very good at imitating his parents. They may also focus on one activity for extended periods of time. In addition, they can adapt to increased activity levels. 15 months old baby is not suitable for intelligence test. Intelligence tests will be more accurate after 2 years of age.

11. Why Doesn’t 15 Month Old Baby Sleep?

15-month-old baby sleep problems are common. Babies may not sleep for their nutritional needs. In addition, situations such as being overly full, having gas problems, and not having clean gold can cause sleeping problems. Conditions such as ear infections, urinary tract infections, and teething can also negatively affect sleep patterns in 15-month-old babies.

12. How many times a day should a 15-month-old baby sleep?

A nap is very important for 15-month-old babies. Babies can sleep 2 times at noon during this period. Daytime sleep can be 2 hours of sleep or one hour of sleep. During this period, it is very important to put the baby to sleep at least once during the day. 15 Months Baby Development may not always be the same.

13. How to put a 15-month-old baby to sleep?

In order to put the 15-month-old baby to sleep, you must first gasp. You should also make sure that the baby’s stomach is full. During this period, the baby should sleep in a quiet and dim environment. At the same time, the room temperature should be warm. Taking a warm bath before sleep can help the baby sleep easier. Babies are sensitive to sound and light during this period.

14. How Many Weight Should a 15-Month-Old Baby Have?

15-month periods are periods of rapid development for babies. When the 15-month-old baby height weight chart is examined, the average weight should be 9.6 kg for girls and 10 kilograms for boys.

15. What size shoes does a 15-month-old baby wear?

In 15-month-old babies, the foot size is approximately 13.5 cm. A 15-month-old baby’s foot size is between 19-20. For baby girls, 18-19 foot numbers are also among the values ​​that can be.

16. Why Does a 15 Month Old Baby Cry at Night?

15-month-old baby psychology is very suitable for crying when he has a problem. Babies aged 15 months may cry at night when they are very hungry or very full. In addition, babies may cry if they have gas in this period, if the sound or temperature in the environment is at a level that will be uncomfortable. 15-month-old babies who get their diapers dirty at night will cry too. In addition, babies may cry at night when they have an infection or complain of pain because they are uncomfortable.

17. Why Does a 15 Month Old Baby Vomit?

In 15-month-old babies, vomiting complaints are usually caused by gastrointestinal inflammation, urinary tract infection, poisoning, appendicitis. In addition, infants may also experience vomiting due to overeating during this period.

18. How to Train a 15-Month-Old Baby?

Toys have a very important place for 15-month-old baby education. Babies are very curious during this period. They want to touch every object around them and get to know the environment. Therefore, educational activities based on physical activities can be provided. During this period, babies can play lego games and spend time with ring toys of different sizes. At the same time, the development of the sense of rhythm can be achieved by hitting different objects.

19. How Many Teeth Does a 15 Month Old Baby Have?

The 15-month-old baby teething process progresses quickly. Babies who start to have their first teeth at 6 months of age continue the teething process rapidly when they reach 15 months. It is considered normal to have 14-18 teeth in a 15-month-old baby. 15-month-old baby teeth development may show individual differences according to the baby.

20. How to wean a 15-month-old baby from the breast?

The process of weaning in a 15-month-old baby can be a little troublesome.15 month old babies understand simple commands. Therefore, it can be said that they should stop sucking. In addition, breastfeeding limits can be drawn for the baby and the mother. The number and duration of breastfeeding can be reduced. During this period, meals should be skipped gradually. Weaning can be prevented by giving cow’s milk.

21. How to Treat a 15 Month Old Baby?

A 15-month-old baby can now begin to understand commands. It would be right to tell babies that they should bring something or things to do during this period. You can also play games with the baby. Babies like consistent behavior. They also have the ability to understand many expressions that are said to them.

22. How Many Words Does a 15 Month Old Baby Speak?

15-month-old baby language development is very fast. In this period, babies are usually in the stage of understanding the roles by imitating their parents. Language and speaking skills also continue very quickly. 15-month-old babies can say 4-6 words on average. They can also know the meaning of many words because they are open to learning.

23. Is Toilet Training Given to 15-Month-Old Babies?

15-month-old baby may be in the earlier period for toilet training. Toilet training of babies is given between 18-30 months. However, toilet training can be given at the age of 15 months in babies with a rapid development process. As children understand what is being said, they can gradually begin to prepare for toilet training.

24. What to Do If 15 Months-Old Baby Has Diarrhea?

If a 15-month-old baby has diarrhea, giving water and watery foods is the most basic approach. If she is breastfed, the milk should not be stopped, and diarrhea formulas can be used for bottle-fed babies. These foods can be given until the diarrhea complaints pass.

25. How to Relieve Constipation in 15 Month Old Babies?

Consumption of plenty of fluids and water is recommended for 15-month-old baby constipation. In addition, infants should consume foods rich in fiber. Constipation can be resolved quickly if babies are given foods such as puree, carrots, apples, strawberries, and apricots.

26. Does a 15-month-old baby have gas pains?

Gas pains in babies disappear until they reach 1 year old. In some babies, gas pain may continue a little longer. Gas pains are not usually seen in a 15-month-old baby. However, some babies may experience gas pains, albeit a little, during this period.

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