16 Weeks Pregnancy

16 Weeks Pregnancy
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16 Weeks Pregnancy

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16 weeks pregnancy is a period when you approach the end of the third month, which is the first trimester of the average pregnancy period. The mother-to-be and the baby are now over the first stages of pregnancy and are getting ready to step into the second period, where new developments will begin. During this period, expectant mothers, the stressful and distressing days of pregnancy are over. During this period, the baby’s development continues at a rapid pace. Big changes will continue to occur in the baby this week as well.

Changes in the Mother at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy

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In the 16th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother should be checked at the 4th month. In the controls to be made within this week, applications such as sugar control and urine test, ultrasonography should be done. As the expectant mother’s belly grows, it becomes easier to notice the pregnancy in these weeks.

The changes in the mother during 16 weeks of pregnancy are generally as follows;

  • The uterus of the expectant mother continues to grow and weighs 250 grams on average. Thus, it can be easily understood from the abdomen that she is in the pregnancy period.
  • Inguinal pain is common at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Due to the enlargement of the uterus, the surrounding muscle and connective tissues stretch and this can cause groin pain. If groin pain becomes complaining at 16 weeks of pregnancy, it may be necessary to take precautions.
  • Complaints such as heartburn and constipation can also be seen at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes in the expectant mother, these disturbing situations may occur.
  • Low back pain may also be seen in expectant mothers at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Depending on the gradual growth and development of the uterus, pain complaints may continue until the lumbar region gets used to the new weight.
  • Brown discharge at 16 weeks of pregnancy is among the conditions that can be seen. If it becomes too common, it may be necessary to see a doctor.
  • Misbehaviors about nutrition may cause abdominal pain complaints at 16 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Nausea tends to go away at 16 weeks of pregnancy. In a significant part of expectant mothers, nausea disappears during these weeks.

At 16 weeks pregnant, changes in the mother can vary from person to person. Since each pregnancy is unique, it is not a situation to be afraid of being different even though the changes are similar.

How Much Weight Should You Gain at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy?

It is normal to gain 5-7 kilos on average at 16 weeks of pregnancy, that is, in the first trimester. During the entire pregnancy, a mother-to-be gains an average of 12-17 kilograms. 5-7 kilos in the first trimester is considered normal. The weight gained during this period will vary according to the normal weight of the expectant mother, multiple pregnancy and other factors. In the first 3 months, if the complaints of nausea and vomiting are intense, less weight gain is also seen. The amount of weight that the person will gain and should gain can be determined individually with the obstetrician.

Where is the 16-Week Baby in the Womb? Where Is The Baby At 16 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

In the womb, a 16-week-old baby is on average positioned above the pelvis. Parallel to the growth of the uterus, it tends to rise higher in the mother’s womb as it cannot fit between the pelvis bones.

Babies start growing even faster at 16 weeks. The baby, who will double in weight and grow in length, will be the size of an average avocado. While examining the 16-week baby image, the baby’s height is 11-12 cm on average, while the 16-week pregnancy baby weight is about 100 grams on average.

How Should Nutrition Be at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy?

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Nutrition, which is always emphasized to the expectant mother during pregnancy, is also important at 16 weeks of pregnancy. The nutrients that should be taken for the healthy development of the baby should be known and a balanced nutrition program should be applied. Proper nutrition is very important at 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Nutrition recommendations at 16 weeks of pregnancy can be listed as follows;

  • During this week, the need for zinc in the body of the expectant mother will be higher. Therefore, foods rich in zinc such as peanuts, almonds and turkey meat should be consumed.
  • Since the need for folic acid continues, these needs can be met from green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
  • Since the baby’s bone development is fast, the need for calcium is higher. In order for the calcium sources to be sufficient for both the expectant mother and the baby, pasteurized dairy products should be consumed in sufficient quantities.
  • Vitamins A, B12, C and D should not be forgotten in the diet during 16 weeks of pregnancy. The need for vitamin D can be met from sunlight, while the need for vitamin A can be met from foods such as carrots and fish. Animal foods such as fish, eggs and meat can be preferred for B 12 needs. The most correct products for vitamin C will be citrus fruits.
  • During this period, the expectant mother’s need for Omega 3 also increases. Thanks to almonds, dry beans and green leafy vegetables, Omega 3 needs can be met.

Constipation is also common at 16 weeks of pregnancy. In this process, activities such as consuming plenty of fluids, consuming fibrous foods, not overdoing iron supplements, and exercising to prevent the problem of constipation help reduce the problem of constipation.

16 Week Baby’s Development

At 16 weeks, the development of a baby takes place quickly. Babies continue to grow and develop during this period. When the expectant mother’s belly is 16 weeks old, it starts to become more evident. At 16 weeks, baby movements begin to be seen in the womb.

The development of a 16-week-old baby is as follows;

  • The baby’s nervous system continues to develop rapidly during this week.
  • The baby can move his arms and legs comfortably.
  • Babies can also move their facial muscles this week. Certain facial expressions can be made, albeit uncontrolled.
  • Baby’s ears can hear his mother’s voice.
  • Eyelids and eyelashes continue to develop rapidly. He gains the ability to move his eyes, albeit very slowly.
  • The baby’s head is upright and its legs are about to complete their development.
  • Toenails also begin to grow.
  • His heart begins to pump blood and his other internal organs continue to develop.

Can You Feel Your 16-Week Baby’s Movements?

At 16 weeks pregnant, the baby will start kicking little kicks. Expectant mothers can usually feel the baby’s movements this week. In the second and third pregnancies, the movements of the baby will be felt more clearly this week. In some pregnancies, movements may not be felt. This is a very normal situation. In this case, the movements of the baby begin to be felt after 1-2 weeks.

What Should the Heartbeat of a 16-Week Baby Be?

A 16-week-old baby’s heart rate can be between 120-160 per minute. If the pregnancy process is progressing well, this interval is considered normal in the womb of the expectant mother. With ultrasonography, the baby’s heartbeat can be heard at 16 weeks of pregnancy.

How old is a 16-week-old baby? How Many Months Is 16 Weeks Pregnancy?

16 weeks pregnant means that the expectant mother is 3 months and 22 days pregnant. In other words, there are days left to the fourth month of pregnancy and the last days of the first trimester are experienced.

Tips for 16 Weeks Pregnancy

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In the 16th week of pregnancy, some points should be considered for the development of the baby and the life comfort of the expectant mother. Suggestions for this week are as follows;

  • The expectant mother’s appetite will be very hungry this week. Therefore, attention should be paid to weight gain. In addition, sugary and carbohydrate foods should not be consumed.
  • Since the swelling in the abdominal region of the expectant mother will increase, psychological problems may occur. During this period, expectant mothers can feel happier by trying to be caring and attentive.
  • Pregnant yoga and daily walks can be done against the danger of excessive weight gain.
  • At 16 weeks of pregnancy, intestinal muscles become lazy due to the effect of progesterone hormone and the pressure of the uterus on the intestines. This can cause constipation problem. Constipation complaints can be eliminated by consuming plenty of water, active life and consuming fibrous foods.


1. Is There a Gender Misconception at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy?

The 16-week pregnancy gender prediction is usually correct. This week, the gender prediction is mostly accurate and the margin of error is negligible. However, it can be said that there is a margin of error in gender in this process.

2. Does 16 Weeks Baby Kick?

Babies start moving around 6-7 weeks of pregnancy. However, expectant mothers cannot feel these kicks and movements for a while. Within 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby kicks and the baby’s kicks begin to be felt by the expectant mother between 16-20 weeks. While examining the ultrasound image of a 16-week-old baby boy, it is possible to see the baby’s kicks.

3. How Many Grams Is a 16-Week Baby?

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the development is fast and the baby’s weight is about 90-100 grams in this week. Weights between 80 grams and 120 grams are also considered within the normal range.

4. Can You Feel Baby Movements At 16 Weeks?

At 16 weeks, the baby begins to move in the womb. However, during this period, the expectant mother does not understand the baby’s movements. After a few weeks, the expectant mother will begin to feel the baby’s movements and kicks more clearly.

5. Is 16 Weeks Baby Gender Determined?

With advanced ultrasonography devices, the gender of the baby can be determined even in the early pregnancy period. The gender of the baby in the mother’s womb is determined between 13-16 weeks on average. In other words, the gender of the baby will usually be determined this week.

6. What is the situation of the 16-week-old baby in the mother’s womb?

The baby is located in the mother’s womb at 16 weeks of pregnancy, in the upper part of the pelvis. As the uterus begins to grow, the baby will not fit between the pelvis. After this week, it starts to go up gradually.

7. Can a 16-Week Baby Have An Abortion?

In our country, abortion is officially carried out until the 10th week. In later periods, it can be done with a doctor’s report and special permission in certain cases. In other words, pregnancy at 16 weeks is not legally terminated by abortion.

8. What Happens at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy?

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s eyes and ears reach their final position at birth. Simple reflexes such as blinking can be started by the baby. Ears are also starting to take their final shape. In the intestines, the accumulation of fetal stool called meconium begins.

9. What Causes Bleeding at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Bleeding at 16 weeks of pregnancy is not usually considered normal. Bleeding complaints may occur in the expectant mother due to many reasons such as bleeding during this period, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, and the baby being ahead.

10. How is a 16-week-old baby in the womb?

In 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is 11-12 cm in size on average. Its weight is about 100-110 grams. Compared to two weeks ago, the baby has grown twice as much and development continues rapidly. The baby’s eyelids are still closed. However, it can make small eye movements without any problems.

11. What Tests Are Performed at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy?

The tests performed at 16 weeks of pregnancy are the triple test or the quadruple test. Performing these tests is entirely up to the parents-to-be’s decision. Since the last date for nuchal thickness measurement and double test is 14 weeks, this period is late.

12. 16 Weeks Baby Feeling?

Babies will start to move from 7 weeks of gestation. It can only be seen in the ultrasound image, as it is very small in this process. It takes between 16-20 weeks for the expectant mother to feel the baby’s movements.

13. How Much Does Your Tummy Grow at 16 Weeks Pregnancy?

At 16 weeks pregnant, abdominal growth is just beginning to be felt. It begins to be felt from the average 20 weeks that the expectant mother is pregnant. However, when the expectant mother is naked, abdominal enlargement can be felt within 16 weeks.

14. How Should the Sleeping Position Be at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy?

The lying position at 16 weeks of pregnancy is to lie on the side. In this posture, the baby is in the safest state. Studies show that it is more beneficial for the expectant mother to sleep on the left side. After this week, more attention should be paid when the baby starts to appear in the following weeks.

15. How Does the 16 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound Image Look?

With the 16-week baby image in 3D and the 16-week baby image in 4D, the baby’s facial features can be seen more clearly. His feet become longer than his arms during this period and his body is observed as thin-looking. It can also be seen clearly in the ultrasound image that the baby is clasping his hands this week.

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